Festival Frugality; how to save the penny’s during festival season

Money saving website in their blog ‘How much do festivals cost and what should you take?’ has noted that, in 2017, the average cost of attending a music festival is now well over £400.00. This cost includes everything you will need including toiletries, accommodation and transport.

So with the cost of festivals on the rise, what can you do to not only save money but protect you’re money whilst your there? Here we’ve written our top tips on how to do just that.

Split the cost

If you are attending a festival with friends then there will be some items that you can share such as toiletries, a tent and transport.

For example; if it costs you £45.00 in petrol to get from London to Leeds and then £45.00 parking for the weekend, why not share the cost with a friend and travel down together? Alternatively, if you are the only one travelling from your location, why not see if anyone else you know is attending the same festival and offer them cash to travel with them?

Items such as tents, sleeping bags and food/drink supplies can also be split. If you and your friends always go to festivals together, why not split the cost of the tent and share it? I would suggest only doing this with a close friend mind you or you may end up arguing over who keeps it where. You could also just buy some cheap tents and sleeping bags and arrange to leave them at the event when you’re finished. Often sites collect up left over materials to donate to charity.

Bring your own

Food at festivals can be expensive, so just think how much it could cost to buy three meals a day, plus snacks, for two days…ridiculous! The food you buy doesn’t have to be boring either, why not cook up some pizza and take it with you or alternatively buy readymade breakfast pots? If you are going in a large group you could always write out a shopping list before hand and have a social picnic style get together each mealtime? This makes dining on a budget social and fun!

Set a daily budget

Don’t just take a wad of cash out of the ATM and hope for the best! Setting a daily budget will prevent you from getting into a situation where you run out of cash. You don’t have to be too frugal, but being a little sensible will reduce the pinch.

Get insured!

It’s worth not only thinking about how you could save money during a festival but also saving money after the festival. What I mean by this is, the cost of attending a festival would shoot up hugely should, for example, your purse or mobile phone get stolen. It’s worth checking your insurance documents to make sure you have the correct level of cover should this happen. Alternatively, you can take out insurance on such items as your mobile phone for a small monthly charge.

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