Decorating your home for Christmas

Preparing For Christmas Can Be Stressful, But It Doesn’t Need To Be. Enjoy Preparing Your Home For Christmas With Budget Insurance’s Christmas To-Do List.

Have a de-clutter and get the decorations out

It’s time to get the Christmas decorations out of the loft, hang up all of the lights, dangle the baubles on the tree and cover any available surface in tinsel.

Before we get too carried away with all the decorating though, it’s often a good excuse to have a big clean-up and de-clutter, so that the main focus when people come over are your decorations, and not a year’s worth of hoarding.

Fill your house with festive smells

There’s no better excuse than Christmas, to fill your home with smells of freshly baked Christmas cookies, mince pies fresh from the oven, and mulled wine.

Or failing that, buy yourself a Christmas scented candle which will provide your home with that festive aroma.

Festive music

Now you’ve got the smells of Christmas throughout the house it’s time to dig out your favourite Christmas album, or create your ultimate festive playlist, and blast the Christmas classics on repeat.

Christmas movies lined up

Now’s also the time to dig out all of your Christmas movies and have them at the ready for your winter evening movie binges.

Get the lighting right

Create a cosy ambiance with extra fairy lights to decorate your living spaces and bedrooms. Use lamps instead of the main lights, and add to that the cosy flicker of candles.

Get your cosy accessories out

The drop in temperature around Christmas means it’s the perfect excuse to get extra blankets and throws to hibernate beneath in your living room. Couple that with a tin of chocolates on your coffee table, and a large mug of hot chocolate and it’s the perfect set-up to unwind in.

Start stocking up on food

We all know that shopping over the festive period can be a nightmare, so start stocking up on the non-perishables a little bit at a time during November and December, so that by Christmas your cupboards are stocked. This will also help spread the cost of Christmas, and all you’ll have to venture out for nearer the big day is for the fresh bits.

Christmas jumper ready

Make sure you dig through your wardrobe and have your Christmas jumper at the ready to complement your festive home.

Secure your home

As final preparation, take extra care to make sure your home is safe and secure (with gifts out of sight), especially when leaving your house to go to Christmas parties, or if you go away during the holidays. After all that Christmas preparation the last thing you want is for someone to spoil your efforts.

If you need more details on how to protect your home over the holiday period see our top tips for avoiding burglary in your home blog post.

We hope our to-do list helps with the Christmas organisation, and has left you feeling festive!

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