Budget Insurance’s guide to buying home insurance

Deciding on the right home insurance isn’t easy, trust us we know… There’s often a lot of questions to answer, which can sometimes lead to confusion. Therefore, we have created a guide to help you buy the right cover that meets your needs.

Price comparison sites are the popular way to buy insurance as it’s easy to find a cheap deal, but price shouldn’t be the only consideration when purchasing home insurance. It’s important to understand what you’re covered for so you don’t come across any problems if you have to claim.

Why should I buy home insurance?

Your home is important to you so making sure you have the appropriate insurance cover is vital. We have broken down home insurance to help you find the right cover and whilst it isn’t a legal requirement, it’s worth thinking about what you would do or how you would fund the repairs should your house flood or be vandalised.

What’s the difference between buildings & contents Insurance?

When you get a quote with Budget Insurance you will be asked whether you want to purchase our buildings or contents insurance. Here’s a brief description of what they both mean:

Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance typically covers your main house building and any additional outbuildings you may have that are within the boundary of your property, such as a garage, annex etc. as well as the structure of your house. Your permanent fixtures such as your bathroom, kitchen and roof are also covered under a building insurance policy.

Contents insurance

Typically, contents insurance will cover the contents that you declare as standard within your home. Some contents insurance policies will also give you the option to cover your contents outside of the home which is handy if you travel a lot. Not all of your contents will be covered under a contents insurance policy, you may require additional cover for items such as bicycles or mobile phones (we cover mobiles in the home) with accidental damage. When filling out the section on your contents, you will be asked to select the value of the contents of your home. You can choose cover from £12,000 to £99,000. The standard cover amount is £35,000. You will also be asked how much of that cover will be for your high value items such as TV’s or jewellery and whether you have any items worth more than £1,500. If you do have any items valued at over £1,500, you would need to tell us about these when you are asked the question.

What is insurance excess?

When taking out a Budget Home Insurance policy you will be asked what excess you want. This is an important part of your policy as if you were in the unfortunate situation where you need to make a claim, you would need to pay the excess stated on your policy.

Extras to consider including on your home insurance policy

Personal possessions

Do you often find yourself taking your valuable possessions out of the house like your expensive watch or sunglasses? You may often worry about losing them and not having the spare cash to replace them. Personal possessions covers your items that you normally wear or carry with you away from your home against loss and theft. Things like your mobile phone or even your engagement ring, when these items are in your home, they would normally be covered by your standard contents insurance. With Budget Insurance you can choose to select how much you want to cover, so it’s worth working out how much your items are worth before taking out the cover. For more information on adding personal possessions to your policy, click here.

Accidental damage cover

This is an option for both buildings and contents insurance. You may want to consider adding accidental damage cover to your policy, just in case there are any accidents when the kids are home. Accidental damage is unexpected physical damage and includes breakages such as smashing a vase or knocking your television over. Find out some more information here.

Family legal protection

We’re glad you’ve got your home insured, and we hope you never have to use your insurance to make a claim. In addition to this, have you thought about having to deal with stressful and difficult disputes? We like to offer our support to ensure you get the right advice and help when you need it the most. Our Family Legal Protection can offer you up to £50,000 towards your legal costs incurred for personal injury, help and advice on property or employment disputes with a 24 hour, 365 days a year confidential helpline. To find out more, please click here.


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