Are you an insta-bragger

Do you have Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? Love sharing your whereabouts, meals and day to day life with your followers? Nowadays we share far too much on social media that can leave us vulnerable and a potential target for criminals.   

Experts have warned that we are sharing too much and making ourselves easy targets for criminals and even worse may result in insurers not paying out on claims made. Your home insurance policy will have a ‘reasonable care’ clause which in most cases relates to doors and windows being locked, could be extended to what you share on social media. So, with this in mind, we’ve gathered a social media check list to ensure you don’t make your home the next target.

Don’t share pictures of your home

When posting pictures of yourself, family or friends make sure you don’t give too much away, as it essentially acts as floorplan for thieves. I’m sure you’ve seen celebrities recently in the press that have shared too much and fallen victim to crime when they are on holiday. So be mindful when you’re posting pictures in your home so this doesn’t happen to you. Also, it’s nice to keep some details to yourself, no-one likes an over sharer!

Ensure your settings are private

Do you have Snapchat? If so, listen up! Snapchat is the most common platform for sharing images, but do you know who’s looking at your pictures? Make sure your settings are private, you do this by tapping the top right-hand corner of the Profile screen, scroll down to the ‘Who Can…’ section and select an option.

In other news, have you heard of ‘Snap Map’? If not, pay attention! Snapchat recently added an update to their app called ‘Snap Map’, which basically shows your exact location to your Snapchat friends. You’ve probably shared your location through different filters before, but this update pinpoints your exact location, so anyone, at any time can see where you are. You can turn this off and all you need to do is go to the app settings and select ‘ghost mode’, this means your friends cannot see your location.

Check out, not in

Why not have a technology detox and turn your phone off completely? It might sound scary but not only is a break from the world healthy, it can also be the safer option. Nowadays wherever people go, they seem to check in, again, more bragging rights! Be mindful that when you check in, especially when you’re on holiday, it makes it obvious that no-one is in your house! Acting as an open invitation for thieves to come and have a look around your home.

Be careful not to overshare

Broken windows, dodgy front door, remember, every man and his dog doesn’t need to know! Especially if your profile isn’t private and you are actively advertising a house that isn’t secure, could potentially lead to someone taking advantage of your unfortunate situation. Anyway, the type of person that shares EVERYTHING on Facebook is so annoying! It’s much better to be mysterious opposed to an over sharer! 

Less is more

Gone are the days when it’s cool to have 1,500 Facebook followers, less really is more! Go through your friends list and anyone you haven’t seen or spoken to in the last five years, delete! It might sound a bit cut throat, but you really don’t know these people, what they do, or if they could be a possible danger. Think twice when clicking the accept button on Instagram and Facebook to new friends or followers, if you don’t know them, they don’t need to be your virtual ‘friend’. If you really are an ‘insta bragger’ and as many followers as possible is your goal, then just think twice before you post, be mindful and security conscious.

Let’s get personal

Finally, when was the last time you had a look at what personal information you share on your social media accounts? Make sure you don’t have details such as your home address, telephone number and email address public. Your friends and family should know this information, you don’t need to advertise it to strangers.

There’s a lot to consider here, but make sure you are as safe as possible. If you have any other hints or tips we would love to hear from you! 

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