Additional cover options to consider adding to your van insurance policy

Deciding what add-ons to include in your insurance policy can be a stressful and confusing process. To help make these decisions easier, we’ve come up with an easy guide to some of the different options that are available to you.

What additional cover options are there?

Insurers can offer a variety of different add-ons but here are five common options that can be provided:

Breakdown Assistance

Breaking down is always a nightmare. To make things worse, paying for the call out fee, motorway tow truck charge and garage bills can take a heavy toll on your wallet. That’s why some insurers offer Breakdown Assistance for your van, which makes sure that you are not stranded at the roadside without any help.

There are varying levels of breakdown assistance so make sure you double check the details of your own insurance provider’s offer.

Personal Accident Cover

This cover aims to support you financially if you were to sustain an injury as a result of an accident, in or out of your van. Money is paid out to the driver or their family following the accident, providing financial relief so you don’t have to worry about being unable to work while you recover.

Again, the amount will depend on the level of cover you have and upon the terms and conditions of each individual insurer.

Guaranteed Replacement Van

Certain insurers may also guarantee a replacement van as an optional add-on when yours is being serviced or repaired. This additional cover does exactly what its name suggests, guaranteeing you access to a van to keep you on the move whilst yours is unavailable.

However, be sure to double check with your insurer to see if this can be added on or if its already included.

Keycare Cover

Losing or have your keys stolen can be another massive headache for a van driver. That’s why some insurers offer to cover the cost of replacing your lost keys with this add-on.

Again though, the level of cover provided will depend upon your individual insurer and some even offer access to locksmiths to help gain access to what is yours.

Van & Tools Content Cover

The prospect of having your belongings stolen or damaged is a worrying prospect, whatever your profession. This is why some insurers offer protection for your tools and contents in case of theft, malicious or accidental damage to give you peace of mind. With some insurers, such as Budget, tools and contents cover is not just limited to belongings you need for your job but also any equipment you have for hobbies.

As always, be sure to double check the details of your own insurers add-ons, as the level and terms of conditions of the cover will vary between insurers.

What do Budget offer?

At Budget, we want all of our customers to have peace of mind. That’s why, whatever cover you choose, you can get even more protection with our additional cover options, which include all of the above add-ons.

If you’d like to find out more information about all things motor insurance, have a browse through the driving segment of our blog.

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