5 tips to make spring cleaning easy

The sun has made an appearance, spring is officially here so it must be time for a spring clean. Not everyone enjoys cleaning and it can often seem like a mundane task, so here are 5 top tips on how to make cleaning a little easier, so that you can get back to the things you enjoy the most!

Entertain yourself

Cleaning doesn’t have to be the most boring part of your day, grab the hoover, turn the radio up or put on your favourite playlist and have a sing a long and dance around the house. Or even use the time to multitask and listen to an educational podcast.

Break the task down 

A big spring clean can seem like an enormous task, so break it down into manageable chunks. Why not start with one room and then break that room down into even smaller tasks, such as firstly removing everything that doesn’t belong in that room, then wiping down surfaces, then hoovering – that way it makes it all seem easier and you can repeat room by room. Also, remember that every task is positive progress.

Set a time limit

There’s nothing like a ticking clock to make you work faster and stop the procrastination. You could even set a time limit for each of the smaller tasks in each room, as mentioned above and try to have the task completed before the timer goes off.

Turn it into a workout

Believe it or not, a cleaning session can get your heart rate going, especially if you’re tackling a task such as mopping the floors. Strap on your fitness tracker and get moving, you could even set a goal to burn a specific number of calories before you can stop cleaning. That way, you can tidy up the house and do your workout in one go.

Reward yourself

Each time you complete a room or task, have a little treat lined up for yourself. It only needs to be something small like a 5-minute sit down or a cup of tea and a biscuit but by doing this, cleaning won’t feel so much like such a chore. If you have something else planned for the day, try and do your cleaning tasks first so that you know you have something enjoyable to do afterwards.

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