The UK’s top 10 parking bugbears - October 2016

October 2016

(sample size: 1,000 drivers aged 18+)

1. People who take up more than one space (69%)

2. People parking too close to my car (49%)

3. People who damage my car and don’t leave a note (47%)

4. Spaces that are too small (40%)

5. People who open their door carelessly risking damage to my car (40%)

6. People parking in disabled/mother and baby spaces unnecessarily (36%)

7. Driving round tight corners in multi-storey car parks (25%)

8. People leaving trolleys in parking spaces (25%)

9. Parking meters that don’t give change (22%)

10. Someone steals the last space in the car park just as I’m about to drive into it (15.5%)

What damage has ever been caused to any of your current or previous cars while in a car park?

(sample size: 1,000 drivers aged 18+ who have had their car damaged in a car park)

  • A minor scratch or dent while stationery (77%)
  • Someone reversed into me (33%)
  • My bumper got damaged (32%)
  • Scraped it on a pillar in a multi-storey car park (24%)
  • I hit it on an obstacle (pillar, trolley, bollard etc) (19%)
  • An accident while in motion (18%)
  • I reversed into someone (12%)

Asked what they did in response to the damage, our 1,000 drivers  whose cars had been damaged responded as follows:

  • Just 15% claimed on their car insurance
  • Well over a third (37.5%) chose not to get the damage repaired at all in order to save money
  • A further third (36%) paid for repairs themselves to avoid making a claim on their car insurance

About the research

The research was carried out by One Poll on behalf of Budget Insurance. 1,000 UK drivers aged 18+ were asked to rank their top parking bugbears. 1,000 UK drivers aged 18+ who had had their car damaged in a car park were asked what they did in response to the damage. Fieldwork was carried out from 13­-17 October 2016.

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