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Frequently Asked Questions:


Motor related



What do I need to apply for motor insurance?

Why can't I find my car details by its registration number?

Can I get a quote if I don't know the registration number?


My previous claim had split responsibility - what should I choose in the "At fault" question?


What is a young driver excess?

My vehicle has been modified or has non standard accessories. Do I need to tell you?

I'm thinking about modifying my vehicle what do I do?

My car is a 'Q' plate. Will you insure it?

I have a private plate. Will you insure it?

What do I do if the regular driver has changed?

I am just thinking about buying a new vehicle?

Am I covered for driving abroad?

Am I insured to drive other vehicles?

What are the different types of class you provide cover for?

Can I add a driver to my policy temporarily?

How do I change my address?

How many additional named drivers can I have on my policy?

If I take out comprehensive cover, can other people drive my car when they aren't named on the policy?

The Motor Insurers Database (MID) is not showing that I am covered?

Can the policyholder and the registered owner be different?

Can I get insurance if I only have a provisional licence?

What is the Claims and Underwriting Exchange?

Why is my claims history checked?

How did my details get onto CUE?

What happens if there is a discrepancy with my claims history?

What do I do if the information on CUE is wrong?

What happens if I entered the wrong claim details when I bought my policy?

If I use another insurance company will they check CUE?

I genuinely forgot about a claim - does this mean I have a black mark against me?


Can I use my Certificate of Insurance to tax my Vehicle?

What is a Statutory Declaration Form?


What is no claims discount?

What do I do if the proof of no claims discount is showing the wrong amount?

My policy was cancelled over a year ago - can I still get my proof of no claims discount?

Can a no claims discount be applied to more than one vehicle?

Can I switch no claims discount between my wife or husband?

Can I use foreign proof of no claims discount?

Can I use proof of no claims discount from a Company Vehicle?

Do you accept no claims discount from a Bonus Accelerator policy?

How do I get proof of no claims discount for a named driver on my policy?

How many years no claims discount do you lose if you make a claim?

What do I do if the address on my no claims discount proof is incorrect?

What is acceptable proof of no claims discount?

What is no claims discount protection?

What is the maximum no claims discount?

What no claims discount proof do I need to send to you?

What will happen if I don't send my proof of no claims discount?

Where should I send my proof of no claims discount?


All Product Related questions



How do I make a claim?

Do I need to report any incident even if I don't intend to claim?

Do I need to report incidents to the police?

Can I get repairs done anywhere?

I don't know the cost of the claim what should I put in this section of the quote?


What is my excess?


My policy has renewed when will I get my documents?


What is an FSLA?

Do I need to do anything with my FSLA?

How does the Consumer Credit Act affect me?

What information is included in an FSLA?


How can I pay for my policy?

Can I pay my premium using someone else's card?

Can I pay off my premium early?

What is an APR?


Can I renew my policy online?

How do I renew my policy?


What does SECCI stand for?

What information is included in the pre-contract credit information?

What is the difference between the SECCI and Fixed Sum Loan Agreement (FSLA)?


How secure are my personal details and credit/debit cards on your website?

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